My name is Krisha and I am ashamed. 

Ashamed to call myself a lesbian, ashamed of the colour of my skin, and ashamed I haven’t done more for the BIPOC and LQBTQ2S kids that need us the most. 

I hate that I have to think twice before telling someone about myself.  That I have to worry if it’s safe to tell someone my sexual orientation and that it's not a choice. That it has to be a strategic reveal in the workplace so it doesn’t hinder my future successes. I hate that I worry if my friends will still be my friends or if we can still talk about all the same things. I resent the fact that we’re taught at such a young age that it's not ‘normal’ to love the same gender.

I hate that I avoid staying out in the sun because the color of my skin determines how accepted I am by society and how much I accept myself. How I’ve internally rejected my own culture because of the acceptance I crave. I hate that I know more about North American and European cultures than I do my own. I hate that I know all of this and yet I still worry about buying sunscreen with the highest SPF.

What I am most ashamed of is that we as a society are failing the children and communities that are in dire need of our support. I am ashamed that I have been part of a system that rejects beloved members of my community and have done nothing but post a black square on Instagram. This is where it ends.

 I want to live in a society that doesn’t think twice about the colour of someone’s skin, where they are from, their economic status, or who they love. Now is the time to teach children these values instead of teaching them how to use the Bible to spread hatred and pain. It is time we as a community support programs that help BIPOC LGBTQ2S children succeed and bring about the changes our society so desperately needs. This is the mission of SOY (Supporting Our Youth) at Sherbourne Health.

I am selling bracelets through my store Loud Pride where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Sherbourne Health. Or you can donate to them directly https://soytoronto.com/donate/.

I want these bracelets to show BIPOC and LGBTQ2S communities that there are people around them that love and care about them. I want them to see people out in public wearing these bracelets and be at ease with who they are, for once, not have to worry about hiding or editing the way they act and speak. I want to overwhelm the people who still refuse to listen, who turn away from current events and ignore the changes happening around them. I want these people to see how many around them are fighting for change and that change is coming regardless of their personal opinion. I want a future where initiatives like this, and labels like BIPOC LGBTQ2S do not exist because we are normal. Because nobody is afraid of normal, nobody shoots normal in the middle of the night in their bed, 7 times in the back, or kneel on their neck ignoring the pleas for a single breath. Normal doesn't have to fight for land they rightfully own. Normal doesn’t have to start historic riots begging to be heard.

Because we are normal.


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